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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Lisa Mactavish – Hatch LTD

Say hello to Lisa MacTavish today’s leader in our spotlight series. Lisa is a Structural Engineer in Training at Hatch Ltd in Niagara Falls. Follow Lisa’s leadership journey with the #LNClass2017.

Haley Bateman – 360 Consulting Canada

TGIM and you know that means another opportunity to shine the spotlight on one of our leaders from #LNClass2017! Leadership Niagara introduces you to Haley Bateman. Haley is the founder of 360 Consulting Canada. Follow Haley’s leadership journey with the #LNClass2017.

Elise Collins – Durward Jones Barkwell & Company

It’s Monday so you know what that means! Time to meet another one of our amazing leaders from our #LNClass2017 Elise Collins. Elise is a Manager at Durward Jones Barkwell & Company here in Niagara. Follow Elise’s leadership journey with the #LNClass2017.