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Contribute Your Voice to the Leadership Niagara Board

Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for determining the mission, vision, and direction of the organization.  Members of the Board shall:
  • Act in a position of trust for the community by setting policies that will guide and protect Leadership Niagara and its stakeholders
  • Be responsible for the effective governance of the organization and provide support and guidance to the committees reporting to it
  • Make decisions that are in the best interest of Leadership Niagara
  • Speak with one voice publicly and support all organizational decisions.
Specifically, tasks may include:
  • Assessing and approval of the Strategic Plan, along the specific objectives (needed to execute Strategic Plan) as set forth by LN management
  • Monitoring the execution of Strategic Plan and objectives
  • Assessing and approval of the scope of activities, programs, and services set forth by LN management
  • Approving program plans as set forth by the Program Advisory Committee (PAC )and LN management
  • Provide governance with respect to LN and stakeholders/partner organizations
  • Approving organization budgets
  • Human resource functions with respect to the Executive Director including but not limited to involvement in performance and compensation reviews
  • Assessing and approval of significant operational issues facing the organization as needs arise
Requirements of Board membership include:
  • Demonstrate commitment to the mission, values and work of LN
  • Devote the necessary time to attend 60% of the scheduled board meetings (approx. 2hrs bi-monthly) and not miss more than 3 consecutive meetings. Board members are also expected to participate in committee work as needed (approx. 10-15hrs/year)
  • To devote the necessary time to board orientation and preparation for board meetings (thoughtful reading of monthly board packages and response to communications from LN)
  • To be open to participation in learning days, community projects, alumni engagement activities and special events
  • Willingness to contribute to the identification of individuals, organizations, businesses and industries that would benefit from participating in and support of our program(s)
  • Personal integrity and objectivity, declaration of ongoing conflicts of interest that would prevent them from fulfilling their responsibilities as member of the board
  • Serve as “Community Champions” of LN through conversations and/or presentation with community leaders and employers
  • To Exercise:
    • Leadership
    • Teamwork/consensus building
    • Systems thinking/vision
    • Sound judgment on difficult and complex matters that may come before board


To ensure board succession and continuity, membership on the board will be either 2-year or 3-year term limits. During the recruitment process, the Board will endeavor to have a balanced mix of term limits. Board members may be released at the end of the elected term, or by resigning, according to the Terms of Reference Policy.

Qualifications and Skills

For the board term beginning July 2017, ideal board members would possess one or more of the following qualifications and skills:

  • Be an alumnus of Leadership Niagara or similar community leadership program
  • Have an understanding of the Not-for-Profit sector and/or needs of Niagara community
  • Have direct experience with or a solid understanding of marketing and/or public relations
  • Have legal experience

Benefits of the Volunteer

As a volunteer with Leadership Niagara the board member may benefit from:

  • Opportunities for community engagement
  • Networking with and supporting the development of future community leaders
  • Building advisory skills while guiding the direction of an evolving organization

How to Apply

Questions and/or interested candidates should be directed to the Leadership Niagara Board Chair, Vivian Kinnaird ( ).  Applicants are asked to include a short description (1-3 paragraphs) expressing why they are interested in the position, their professional and/or volunteer experience, and specific skill sets that they possess.

Meaghan Erb – Bethesda

Another bright smile from another passionate leader from our #LNClass2017. Meaghan Erb is the Community Relations Coordinator with Bethesda Services. Meaghan was also the recipient of The Business Link bursary. #LNTurns10