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Sonja Bovan – Walker Industries

Here’s to the beginning of your week and introducing another one of our amazing leaders from the #LNClass2017. Meet Sonja Bovan, General Accountant at Walker Industries. Follow Sonja’s journey on Twitter ( using the hashtag #LNClass2018.

Laura Fyfe – Niagara Workforce Planning Board

We have another non-Monday treat for you! Introducing one of our future leaders from the #LNClass2018: Laura Fyfe, Project Coordinator at the Niagara Workforce Planning Board. Follow Laura’s journey on Twitter ( using the hashtag #LNClass2018.

Chris Blanshard – Innovate Niagara

Meet Chris Blanshard from our #LNClass2018. Chris is a business analyst from Innovate Niagara who is passionate about entrepreneurship, community and the outdoors. Follow Chris’ leadership journey on Twitter ( using the hashtag #LNClass2018.