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This year we have the privilege of offering our participants the opportunity to receive select bursaries from our partners within the community. Through these supporters we are able to give a number of our participants the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and engage the Niagara community. This year’s bursaries and bursary partners are:

Women in Niagara Bursary

The Women in Niagara bursary is for a woman in business who lives and works in Niagara. This woman can be self-employed, work for a small business, a non-profit or for an employer that would otherwise not pay for leadership development training. Women in Niagara is looking for an enthusiastic, self-starter who envisions themselves giving back to and being a leader for Niagara.

Ontario Credit Union Foundation Bursary

The Ontario Credit Union Foundation bursary is for employees of a credit union in the Niagara region.

Niagara Community Foundation Bursary

The Niagara Community Foundation bursary is for individuals working in the non-profit and charity sector.