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Program Details

Inspiring leaders. Building community.

Through experiential Learning Days and a Community Project, Leadership Niagara participants explore and strengthen leadership skills, develop a network of meaningful contacts, and learn more about Niagara’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Time commitment

  • September to May
  • 2-day Opening Retreat
  • 8 Learning Days (Fridays, usually 8:30am-4:30pm)
  • Project work is approx. 5 hours per month, but varies and is determined by individuals and project teams
  • Graduation event

Opening Retreat
The retreat is designed to give an in-depth introduction to the concepts of professional and community leadership and to introduce participants to the issues and concerns of the Niagara region. You will also have the opportunity to meet other participants and begin to form a cohesive network.

Learning Days
The group meets for one Learning Day each month. Each Learning Day is hosted by a different Leadership Niagara community partner where participants explore key concepts and patterns which impact community capacity building and personal leadership growth. Sessions are facilitated by volunteer leaders and professional facilitators, recognized as experts in their respective fields.

Community Projects
Team projects are selected from initiatives identified as important by local service agencies and organizations. They provide opportunities to utilize individual leadership skills, creativity, group dynamics and philanthropy to create visible and tangible outcomes.

Closing and Graduation
The final day allows you to synthesize the knowledge, skills, attitudes, activities and experiences that you have been exposed to over the course of the program. You will graduate ready and empowered to assume an active role in your community, business, personal life and as a Leadership Niagara Alumni.

2017-18 Program Outline

 Being a Community Leader in Niagara Opening Retreat: September 15 & 16
Creating Collaborative Environments Learning Day 3: October 20
Influence & Impact in the Community Learning Day 4: November 17
Mindfulness & Energy Leadership Learning Day 5: December 8
The Community as a System Learning Day 6: January 19
Leading Change in Our Community Learning Day 7: February 16
Developing a Global Mindset Learning Day 8: March 16
Building Inclusive Communities Learning Day 9: April 20
Celebrating Community Leadership Learning Day 10: May 18