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Information for Employers

Our Community Leadership Program encourages leadership and positive change within our communities by developing the leadership capabilities of individuals who care about the community, who understand its strengths and weaknesses, and who are willing to make a personal investment to improve the quality of life for Niagara’s citizens.

Founded in 2007, the Community Leadership Program is our flagship program. It takes emerging leaders from the public, private, and non-profit sectors and sets them up for success in leading self, leading others, and leading the community. Over 9 months (September to the following May) participants learn about the most important issues facing our communities in Niagara, meet and learn from the community’s most dynamic leaders, and strengthen their leadership capacity through face-to-face learning and a team-based community action project.

Why Send an Employee to Participate?

For an organization to enjoy sustained success in the community, we believe the roots it puts down come from the people within it. Leadership Niagara aims to develop emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds within the public, private and non-profit sectors around the idea of growing stronger together through collaborative leadership and social responsibility. Our program aims to strengthen the bonds within the region and serve as a retention and engagement tool for our Niagara businesses and non-profits. Here are a few reasons why it is worth your investment:

Create a better employee for your organization

With over 300 graduates of the Community Leadership Program, we can say that this learning journey has consistently been described as a life-changing process. According to many of our graduates, it has had a tremendous effect on their leadership capacity in the workplace context.

Complement in-house leadership programs

Our Community Leadership Program is an excellent complement to in-house leadership and management training programs. There is a clear overlap between the competencies of community leadership and workplace leadership. Through the community project component, we provide your employee(s) the opportunity to apply their skills in real time on a challenging project which complement in-house training programs.

Social and civic engagement 

When you support an employee to participate in the Community Leadership Program, they become an ambassador for your organization within the community.

Your employee will develop a deeper awareness of community issues and come back to your workplace with constructive suggestions for how your organization can engage with the community in positive ways. Also, they will have become adept at building partnerships across different sectors and organizations, so they can help you advance your outreach activities. Upon graduation, they will join a network of over 300 community leaders.

Attract and retain talent

Today’s employees are increasingly attracted to employers that they feel align with their personal values which in turn increases their commitment to meaningful and impactful work. Supporting and encouraging your employees to participant in our Community Leadership Program is also an indicator to your employees that you believe in and are committed to their own personal/professional growth.

We encourage our participants to share their experience and learnings with their coworkers, so your investment is multiplied as you support your employee to bring their new leadership competencies and community awareness back into their day-to-day role.


Which employee will you send to Leadership Niagara’s Community Leadership Program?