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Past Projects

Projects for 2015


Heartland Forest

To build healthy children and communities who feel a deep connection to the natural world.

Education Foundation of Niagara

We support DSBN students by engaging the community to provide needed funds and resources where government funding is not available.

ProAction Cops & Kids

At ProAction Cops & Kids, we believe that establishing a positive relationship between cops and kids at risk will strengthen our community today and for the future.

Hospice Niagara

We provide compassionate care, hope, and encouragement to residents of Niagara with life-limiting progressive illnesses and support to their caregivers, families and those who grieve their deaths.

Pathstone Mental Health

We strengthen the quality of life for children, youth and families who are dealing with mental health challenges.

Rose Cottage Visiting Volunteers

Rose Cottage Visiting Volunteers are educated in issues relating to palliative care and bring a personal touch to the service through compassion and support to the people we serve.

Learning Disabilities Association of Niagara Region

Our purpose is to provide resources and support to individuals who are affected by learning disabilities within the Niagara Region. We provide leadership in learning disabilities advocacy, research, education and services, and advance the full participation in society of children, youth and adults with learning differences.


Niagara Sustainability Initiative

The Niagara Sustainability Initiative is a not for profit organization focused on improving environmental and economic performance by engaging the community to reduce carbon emissions and enhance sustainability.