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Accelerate Civic Leadership is the best leadership experience in the Niagara region.


Effective February 25th, 2019, Leadership Niagara’s Community Leadership Program has updated its name to Accelerate Civic Leadership (ACL). 

Accelerate Civic Leadership is an immersive 9-month program delivered by some of Niagara’s best leadership experts.

It takes mid-career professionals and established leaders within your organization to the next level.

The program is facilitated through a combination of professional coaching, highly engaging and dynamic learning activities.

For example, we touch on some of the following areas:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Systems Thinking
  • Change Management
  • Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Influencing with Impact
  • Leveraging Community Networks
  • And More!

In addition to learning the skills and techniques needed to become a successful leader, in the region as well as in your organization, participants will also be able to join a growing network of alumni that supports and guides our community.

The [Accelerate Civic Leadership] program is a wonderful example of how Niagara Region business and community leaders have joined forces to support Niagara’s future development and prosperity. All communities need committed and visionary leaders to continue to thrive and flourish. Leadership Niagara is not only providing valuable training experiences for tomorrow’s leaders, but the program ensures that we identify and nurture potential leaders and provide them with the opportunity to begin working together with other future Niagara leaders.
Dan Patterson
President, Niagara College
Lead with Impact

Let Your Employees
Lead With Impact

Accelerate Civic Leadership focuses on increasing the civic readiness of mid-career professionals in Niagara, across diverse sectors, to demonstrate community leadership.

Our program provides an immersive 9-month leadership experience. In that time, participants build and strengthen core competencies that allow them to lead with impact, wherever they are.

our Program team

Jeff Sinclair

PAC Chair

Jeff is a Homelessness Action Plan Advisor with Community Services at the Niagara Region and is our current Program Advisory chair. 

Jeff brings a broad understanding of local community challenges and opportunities as well as knowledge of the interconnectivity between various issues. In addition, his experience initiating and leading community change initiatives and with Developmental Evaluation greatly add to the experiences of our participants in the program. 

Kristine Clark


Kristine is a Professor in the School of Business and Management at Niagara College and our Co-Chair on the Program Advisory Committee.

She is a scholar-practitioner with over 20 years of organizational development experience and a PhD in Human and Organizational Development.

Kristine has extensive experience delivering leadership and learning initiatives across public, post-secondary and private sectors.

Lesley Calvin


Lesley is a Certified Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, & Leadership Development Specialist, Coach and Trainer.

With an academic and career background in Leadership Development, Lesley is one of the few Master Practitioners with the expertise and certification to administer and facilitate both the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment and the Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQi-2.0) both recognized by Forbes in their top 10 as must take assessments for Professionals/Leaders.


With over 344 graduates from the ACL program, our Alumni are dedicated to ensuring a stronger, healthier, more vibrant Niagara. They become our leaders and champions of community initiatives, non-profit organizations, and influencers in the region.

Community supporters

Leadership Niagara has a long list of businesses and organizations in the Niagara region who have placed partners and employees in the Accelerate Civic Leadership program. 

Learn from the very best

Nominate an employee to start creating impact in the Niagara region today


Our program fee is

$3,250+hst per person

Employers seeking to alleviate costs towards funding can apply for the Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG), which provides direct financial support to employers who wish to purchase training for their employees.

This grant could cover up to 70% of program costs.


Go to the Canada-Ontario Job Grant website for more details or Contact us.


Participants could receive partial or full tuition support from one of our community bursaries partners…

Women In Niagara, GNCC

Women In Niagara Council (Full)

The GNCC Women In Niagara council bursary is awarded to one woman in Niagara

Ontario Credit Union Foundation

Ontario Credit Union Foundation (Full)

This bursary is awarded to one member of Niagara Credit Union.

Niagara Community Foundation

Niagara Community Foundation (Partial)

This bursary covers 50% of program cost for participants in the non-profit & charitable sectors.

Still not convinced? 

Feel free to email or call us! We would love to sit down and answer any questions or concerns you may have.