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ACL Leader in Focus- Wes Foebel

With 12+ years in the private and public sectors, Wes is no stranger to the challenges and rewards that accompany working in Niagara.

As the Biosolids & Residual Solids Manager for the Niagara Region, Wes and his team are responsible for ensuring Niagara’s Biosolids are managed efficiently while continually exploring new opportunities and technologies for beneficial reuse.   With sustainability top of mind, shaping diverse and dynamic programs for Niagara’s long-term success are paramount in Wes’s daily work.

With his experience and knowledge in Community Planning, Land Use Planning and Recreation Planning, Wes shows particular interest in policy and long-range planning.  He enjoys the social and community-building aspect of planning; engaging community members to understand their hopes and desires for their community and then preparing the policy framework to turn that vision into reality.   

A lifelong resident of Niagara, Wes could not imagine residing anywhere else. Leaving no stone unturned, Wes and his family enjoy all the recreational opportunities Niagara’s unique climate offers all year round.     

In your view, what is the most important attribute of a leader?

Having the ability and drive to step up when faced with a challenge. Engage the appropriate audience and gain consensus for a path forward

What, in your view, is the most significant issue/opportunity facing our community? 

Achieving sustainable and balanced growth. Recognizing our community requires promotion and growth to attract and retain a population that will ensure Niagara’s future development and economic prosperity. While balancing this growth with our need to upgrade and expand the ageing infrastructure to support the new Niagara.  

How would you go about tackling the issue?

Set sector-specific growth targets and projections. Identify key stakeholder groups for each and identify sector leaders. Develop sector-specific growth plans and execution strategies. 

June 22nd, 2020