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Class of 2018 Back for Their November Learning Day

The Class of 2018 was back in session once again, and the excitement that could be felt before other learning days was present once more. The location: picturesque Welland City Hall. The focus: Impact and influence in the community.

The idea behind this learning day was to indicate to the participants that formal authority and influence isn’t needed to make a difference in the community. That, even their effort through their community projects is enough to create impact. During the November Learning Day the participants heard from all levels of community influencers; members of our community who have made positive impacts in the Niagara region in various ways, and on various levels of influence. The stories and lessons shared not only could be applied to their own project work, but in their personal, professional, and community lives.

The guests, we were honored to hear from, were Lara Lorge from Public Health CASTLE, Darren Fry from Walker Industries, Paul Turner from All is Welland Good, Mary Wiley from Niagara Connects.

As well, the participants heard from two other guests: Mayor Frank Campion welcomed the class to the learning day, and Dr. David Hutchison from Brock University about spoke in length on project management, where the participants learned the key aspects of successfully navigating and organizing a project.

Having such a diverse group of speakers, coming from all levels of influence, meant the Class of 2018 had a lot to take in and consider. As the day progressed, the participants had an opportunity to hear not only from our guests, but from our facilitators as well. Brenda Allen, Leadership Niagara alumni, spoke about personal sources of influence, and Jennifer Sinclair presented on influence in the community. There was a lot for the participants to meditate on.

As the afternoon broke, we heard from our fantastic panel on the unique perspectives and stories they bring to their community. As the class listened intently, it was clear that there are many things that can be accomplished in a community from all different levels. It didn’t take long for everyone to make a connection between the stories they were hearing and how those lessons could be applied in a number of different aspects.

While the Class of 2018 continues to work on their own impact through their community project work, the potential for positive change and influence looms large. As the program moves into the new year it will be exciting to see the things they accomplish; in 2018 and beyond.

“It’s always exciting to see a class grow and take on new skills.” said Shane Malcolm, Leadership Niagara’s Executive Director, “We’ve had some really great speakers join us on each learning day so far, and today has been no exception.”

The 2018 Community Leadership Program will reconvene on December 8th to continue project work and develop leadership skills.

Thank you to our amazing guests:

  • Mayor Frank Campion
  • Darren Fry
  • Dr. David Hutchison
  • Lara Lorge
  • Paul Turner
  • Mary Wiley

And our awesome facilitators:

  • Brenda Allen
  • Alison Braithwaite
  • Shane Malcolm
  • Jennifer Sinclair

Stay tuned as we continue to follow the exciting journey of the 2018 Leadership Niagara class!

November 22nd, 2017