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2022 ACL+ Guest Speaker Della Trojan, Chair of Friends Walker's Creek

Learning Day 4a Guest Speaker Della Trojan | 2022 ACL+

Learning Day 4b

After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and suffering a second relapse, Della Trojan found herself facing two challenges. Mentally, dealing with the realization that MS will be a part of the rest of her life and that she would not be returning to a job she enjoyed as a civilian with the Niagara Regional Police for the past 22 years. Physically, dealing with starting the journey of regaining strength to do everyday tasks she once took for granted once again.

Both challenges led Della to a place in her neighbourhood known as Walker’s Creek. Discovering the quiet beauty of nature and meeting new friends, many with their own challenges, helped her through this difficult time. The next step in her recovery came as a handwritten note from a neighbour who was a Walker’s Creek Association member. The note indicated that there was a proposal for a restructuring of Walker’s Creek and it was time to become involved. Becoming a volunteer with the Friends of Walker’s Creek, Della realized that there is life after MS and not being able to return to work, has opened another path by giving back to our Niagara Community as a volunteer.

As Chair of Friends Walker’s Creek, Della Trojan has met with the City of St. Catharine’s staff, councillors and committees and has had the opportunity to address concerns or make presentations at City Council Meetings. They were successful in partnering with the City, NPCA and various organizations to develop a variety of projects that included elementary, secondary and post-secondary students. The Friends have hosted time-sensitive events such as a Meet the Candidates Night at election time, family and community events introducing an evening of stargazing and plant giveaways for those starting a home pollinator garden. The Friends of Walker’s Creek volunteers have been recognized by the NPCA and the City of St. Catharines over the years for their contributions to the health of the environment.

With a need to connect community volunteer groups, Della became a board member with The Friends of Malcolmson Eco-Park. They now share a partnership that has created greater strength in the volunteering community. There is a need to connect with like-minded organizations that are concerned with the environment and the overall health of the residents of St. Catharines.

This past year Della Trojan has been involved in organizing The St. Catharines Environmental Alliance. In just a few months members have advocated for the environment and the health of the St. Catharines residents at a municipal and regional level, at the DSBN as well as sending letters of concern to board members of the Walker Family YMCA.

Della has been married for 57 years to her husband, Wayne, who steps in when extra hands are needed, her daughter Elaine working in health care, her daughter Marnie in education and four grandchildren who continue to amaze her. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the volunteer family of Niagara and thankful for the support of her family.

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February 19th, 2022