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PAC Spotlight image of Kevin McPhillips, member of the Program Advisory Committee

Kevin McPhillips | Program Advisory Committee Spotlight

Kevin McPhillips is a member of the Program Advisory Committee (PAC).

Leadership Niagara’s PAC is our hardworking team of community-focused leaders that develop and foster our organizations’ programs – including Accelerate civic Leadership+.

These amazing volunteers make LN the top leadership development program in Niagara and we would love for you to get to know them!

Today we celebrate Kevin McPhillips, the Research Associate at Niagara Workforce Planning Board.

Why is Kevin involved with Leadership Niagara?

During my time as an LN student, I learned a lot about what it meant to be a leader in the community. The seminars discussed a wide range of leadership topics and pushed me to want to learn more about being a good leader. I hesitate to use the term “good leader” because I think that a lot of people, myself included before I took LN, put too narrow of a definition on being a “leader”.

Leadership Niagara, and the facilitators of our seminars therein, helped me understand that being a leader isn’t a product of a title or set of responsibilities but rather how we act day in and day out, how we help others, and how we make the world around us a better place.

After graduating I knew I wanted to continue my learning journey, as well as help others, grow their leadership capabilities. I was therefore thrilled to be able to join the Leadership Niagara PAC in 2020 and help facilitate future learning days. The ability to continue learning from my tremendous colleagues on the PAC as well as speak to future students is a wonderful opportunity and I’m continuously thankful that I am able to continue my involvement with Leadership Niagara.

What does Kevin bring to the team?

I bring to Leadership Niagara almost a decade of experience in governance, economic development, and research at both a municipal and provincial level. I have experience implementing governance initiatives across all levels of government which has helped me hone my skills in collaboration.

Additionally, after a decade of working with data, my expertise comes in the form of summarizing complex data or concepts in a succinct, digestible way that allows for students to see the value in potentially convoluted analysis.

Outside of Leadership Niagara, I work as an economic development researcher for McSweeney & Associates, am a member of NextNiagara, a committee, and support Pride Niagara as a grant writing and governance consultant.

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August 6th, 2021