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Laura Gilmore

Leader Spotlight – Laura Gilmore

Laura Gilmore – Entertainment Programs Manager, Fallsview Casino Resort

After 15+ years in the Entertainment & Tourism Industry, Laura has officially settled into arguably the “World’s Greatest Job.”

As the Entertainment Programs Manager at Fallsview Casino Resort, Laura leads the team responsible for the Artist Experience at Fallsview’s 1500 seat theatre.

Welcoming the biggest international stars such as Steven Tyler, Tim McGraw, Adam Sandler, Pitbull, Sarah McLachlan, Roger Daltrey, and Ringo Starr, Laura has once again found herself far from her rural roots, but perfectly right at home.

Passionate about the Niagara Region, Laura, and her husband enjoy hosting friends and family as they explore all the deliciousness the area has to offer.

How do you define community leadership?

Community Leadership means taking responsibility for the well-being and improvement of our communities. It’s about working together to mobilize and guide others to facilitate solutions to existing and future challenges. It’s about considering the long-term health of the community and it’s people.

“A community is like a family; we
all need to contribute to it’s well being.”

Why are you personally motivated to explore community leadership?

I believe it’s my obligation to contribute to this beautiful community. We can’t improve tomorrow without taking action today. We need to strengthen the entire community, not just organizations and individuals.

A community is like a family; we all need to contribute to it’s well being. I’m fortunate enough to have reached a point in my life and career that I can begin to significantly contribute to our beautiful region.

What, in your view, is the most significant issue/opportunity facing our community? Why?

There are many issues facing our community; from the obvious to the not so obvious. However when considering the most significant issue, I find myself continuously coming back to a lack of awareness.

Last year I was asked to do some volunteer work with the Kristen French Child Advocacy Center. I had no idea it existed, I had no idea what they did, and I was utterly shocked when educated on the number of children and families they support and the number of cases they handle. I was unaware.

The sad reality is that social issues are difficult to talk about. These issues are often political platforms, but only those in need of a service or those looking to contribute, are remotely aware. Poverty, Domestic Abuse, Special Needs, Rape, are rarely the topic of conversation at a dinner party…. but maybe they should be. It’s easier to be unaware. As soon as you’re aware, you are compelled to help.

Our community needs ambassadors who are not afraid to speak up. We need ambassadors who will bring awareness to the many issues and opportunities we face.

In your view, what’s the most important attribute of a leader?

When I consider the most influential leaders in my life there are a handful of attributes they all have in common: Ambition, Consistency, Transparency, Accessibility, Positivity, Empathy and Integrity.

It’s the combination of attributes that make these leaders successful. It’s their Integrity however, that make them truly remarkable.

“It’s their [leaders] Integrity, however,
that makes them truly remarkable.

What individual attributes do you hope to develop or expand upon?

Through Leadership Niagara my goal is to master the delicate balance of these crucial attributes while keeping my Integrity at the core.

May 31st, 2019