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PAC Spotlight image of Patricia Regier, member of the Program Advisory Committee

Patricia Regier | Program Advisory Committee Spotlight

Patricia Regier is a member of the Program Advisory Committee (PAC).

Leadership Niagara’s PAC is our hardworking team of community-focused leaders that develop and foster our organizations’ programs – including Accelerate civic Leadership+.

These amazing volunteers make LN the top leadership development program in Niagara and we would love for you to get to know them!

Today we celebrate Patricia Regier, founder of Regier Educational Services.

Why is Patricia involved with Leadership Niagara?

Patricia Regier, the founder of Regier Educational Services, specializes in creating online learning experiences that engage. Her career includes Twenty years’ developing and facilitating training, within leadership roles in Niagara.

Patricia helps leaders grow. Supporting an innovative learning program for Patricia is a rewarding volunteer experience.

After taking a few years to build her business, Patricia is happy to be working within Niagara’s community sector again. She brings adult learning knowledge, multimedia and online learning technology expertise, combined with a passion for creating engaging collaborative learning experiences. Patricia believes that creating leaders who understand others outside of their role or context, contributes to collective impact for lasting solutions to complex problems.

What does Patricia bring to the team?

Patricia’s experience includes building collaborative programs, with non-profit organizations, and across sectors. Education includes a Master of Adult Education and BA in Psychology. Patricia merges academic research with experience to provide practical and creative ways to create engaging and collaborative learning experiences. Patricia is a sought-after innovative facilitator, consultant, content creator and production partner. She is excited to be working with Leadership Niagara and the Program Advisory Committee!

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August 9th, 2021