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Accelerate Civic Leadership is the best leadership experience in the Niagara region. 

Accelerate Civic Leadership takes mid-career professionals and established leaders within your organization to the next level! Through a combination of professional coaching, highly engaging and dynamic learning activities, including expert facilitation in areas including emotional intelligence, systems thinking, change management, cross-functional collaboration, influencing with impact, leveraging community networks and much more. 

In addition to learning the skills and techniques needed to become a successful leader, in the region as well as in your organization, participants will also be able to join a growing network of 344+ alumni that supports and guides our community. 




Accelerate Civic Leadership focuses on increasing the civic readiness of mid-career professionals in Niagara, across diverse sectors, to demonstrate community leadership. 

Our program provides an immersive 9-month leadership experience where participants build and strengthen core competencies that allow them to lead with impact, wherever they are. 

For an organization to enjoy sustained success in the community, we believe the roots it puts down come from the people within it. To achieve this vision, we have refined our core program to aim to strengthen the bonds on mid-level professionals living in the region and to serve as a retention and engagement tool for our Niagara businesses and non-profits.  

Here are a few reasons why it is worth your investment: 

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With over 344+ graduates from the ACL program, our Alumni are dedicated to ensuring a stronger, healthier, more vibrant Niagara by becoming leaders and champions of community initiatives, non-profit organizations, and influencers in the region. According to many of our graduates, it has had a tremendous effect on their leadership capacity in the workplace context. 

Complement in-house leadership programs 

Our Accelerate Civic Leadership program is an excellent complement to in-house leadership and management training programs. There is a clear overlap between the competencies of community leadership and workplace leadership. Through the community project component, we provide your employee(s) the opportunity to apply their skills in real time on a challenging project which complement in-house training programs. 



Social and civic engagement

When you support an employee to participate in Accelerate Civic Leadershipthey become an ambassador for your organization within the community. 

Your employee will develop a deeper awareness of community issues and come back to your workplace with constructive suggestions for how your organization can engage with the community in positive ways. Also, they will have become adept at building partnerships across different sectors and organizations, so they can help you advance your outreach activities. Upon graduation, they will join a network of over 344+ community leaders. 

Attract and retain talent 

Today’s employees are increasingly attracted to employers that they feel aligned with their personal values which in turn increases their commitment to meaningful and impactful work. Supporting and encouraging your employees to participate in Accelerate Civic Leadership is also an indicator to your employees that you believe in and are committed to their own personal/professional growth. 

We encourage our participants to share their experience and learnings with their coworkers, so your investment is multiplied as you support your employee to bring their new leadership competencies and community awareness back into their day-to-day role. 


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