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Outcomes & Benefits

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Our Accelerate Civic Leadership program encourages civic leadership and positive change within the Niagara region by developing the capabilities of aspiring leaders who care about the community. In other words, those who understand its strengths and weaknesses are willing to make a personal investment to improve the community’s quality of life.

Our Participants Gain Competencies & Skills In:

  • Change Leadership
  • Collaboration
  • Systems Approach
  • Influence & Impact
  • Political Savvy
  • Mindfulness
  • Inclusion & Diversity
  • Experiential Learning
  • Civic Leadership
  • Community Acumen
  • Critical Thinking
  • & More!

Additional Benefits

With now over 400+ alumni having gone through the Accelerate Civic Leadership+ program, we know graduates that emerge from this leadership journey with:

  • Increased capabilities to be effective change leaders
  • An increased understanding of Niagara’s communities, peoples and sectors
  • A deeper network of community leaders and influencers
  • Organizational leaders and champions of community-facing business initiatives
  • Increased engagement in Niagara initiatives