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Past Projects

Projects for 2019


Momentum Choir

Leadership Niagara collaborated with Momentum Choir to build the voice of the choir to reach new audiences, increase stakeholder engagement, and expand community awareness. The project team analyzed current data, developed and employed social media and marketing strategies, and projected their spring performance ticket sales at 90%. ‘I’ve Got the Music in Me’ was SOLD OUT at the PAC, May 5, 2019!


Shania Kids Can

LN received a request from the Rotary Club of South St. Catharines to support their initiative to fund and open a “Shania Kids Can” Clubhouse. Our team was asked to assist with the Fashion Show fundraiser – soliciting sponsorships, developing various media support, organizing the event, etc.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, Leadership Niagara was advised to cease the planning of the event when the Rotary Club of South St. Catharines announced that they were unable to support this initiative any further. As time was of the essence, Leadership Niagara was unable to work on another project simultaneously.


Indigenous Men's Healing Centre of Niagara

With the vision of a Healing center for Indigenous men in Niagara, our Leadership Niagara team assisted in the development of an introductory business plan for a new non-profit organization. An environmental scan was created around key areas of the project including trauma-informed health resources, immediate and intermediate housing, justice support and employment training.

Our group was immersed in research, both historical and cultural, while building relationships with stakeholders in the community to help identify key activities and resources to support the mission of the Centre.


Gateway Residential

Leadership Niagara supported an innovative partnership of 3 separate non-profit agencies to explore the potential of constructing an affordable housing development that would provide units for each agency’s clients.

Additionally, this project would find a new use for the former church located on the property that would be re-purposed to provide programming and support services for those residents of the affordable housing development, their respective agencies, and others in need from within the surrounding community.


Food4Kids Niagara

LN 2019 helped support Food4Kids Niagara – a new-to- Niagara non-profit organization providing healthy food for disadvantaged kids each weekend – by preparing a social media strategy to increase community awareness of the program and help foster volunteer and donor involvement.

The group participated in food packs and prepared a Communications & Marketing Plan outline for future use, including a targeted media list, media pitch and social media schedule. Work is ongoing to further build the brand and the group is excited to continue their involvement!


Powerhouse Project

Our goal was to help Powerhouse (www.powerhouseproject.ca) build an annual fundraising event to expand their programming and serve more young caregivers in Niagara. Alongside the organization’s Executive Director and Board, we brainstormed, planned, promoted, and implemented the first annual Powerhouse Trivia Night, held on May 4th, 2019, to fantastic success. Powerhouse raised approximately $5,300, over 140 people attended, and the agency now has a sustainable fundraising model that they can leverage and grow for years to come.


A Child's World

Leadership Niagara collaborated with A Child’s World to investigate, implement and provide insight on a new electronic scheduling system. Prior to the project, ACW had a manual process for finding fill-in and support staff at 23 daycare centres in six municipalities across Niagara. Together, ACW and LN were able to find a software solution from an existing IT partner that benefited the agency by providing a more streamlined workforce planning experience for its 90+ full-time and part-time staff.


Passion Project

The Leadership Niagara Passion Project team took on the challenge of learning more about the mental health services provided in the region. After meeting with many agencies, the team decided to volunteer with the Distress Centre of Niagara and tackle the never-ending need for volunteers.

The team provided valuable suggestions and insight on their recruitment strategy to help with attracting and sustaining more volunteers for their mental health crisis line. Specifically, the team helped to edit their volunteer recruitment packages and postings, expanded community partnerships, and helped the Distress Centre of Niagara to secure a $10K CAA Community Boost grant.