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Leader Spotlight for Randy McDougall with Niagara Emergency Medical Services

Our Leader Spotlight | Randy McDougall

Commander of Logistics and Planning for Niagara Emergency Medical Services

This series is dedicated to introducing and celebrating the ACL+ 2021/22 program participants. Each week, we will focus on one of our leaders, sharing a little bit about them and what motivates them to explore community leadership in Niagara.

Randy McDougall is the Commander of Logistics and Planning for Niagara Emergency Medical Services. In this role, he is responsible for the day to day and long term planning for everything behind the “lights and sirens” Randy holds a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma process improvement methodology which he applies on a daily basis in his role to find efficiencies when ordering, maintaining, delivering and future planning of the facilities, equipment, supplies, uniforms and vehicles.

In his spare time, Randy has a passion for Athletics and is a level 3 certified coach for the Niagara Olympic Club where he is responsible for coaching and training the throwers and jumpers. He has also volunteered as the co-sport lead for Athletics at the Canada Summer Games.

Why are you personally motivated to explore civic leadership?

Throughout my career, I have always been highly motivated to contribute as much as I can to the role and organization I am a part of. When I started at the Niagara Region in 2009 I was opened up to a world within the public sector that I had not had the opportunity to learn and explore while working in the private sector. I’ve held various roles in the Niagara Region and they have all afforded me the opportunity to learn and grow in civic leadership.

I am motivated to explore this program because it is a logical next step in my development and will help me achieve my long-term career goals.

What, in your view, is the most significant issue/opportunity facing our community? Why?

The most significant issue/opportunity our community is facing is our view on Health Care.

For far too long we have viewed our health care system as a crutch, when we get sick it will be there to help us. If COVID teaches us nothing else I hope that we learn that we can’t take our health for granted and we can’t just rely on the health care system to save the day when we are sick. We all have to learn to take responsibility for our own health, focus first on preventative health care and when we have done all we can to stay healthy and still get sick then the system will be there for us.

What individual attributes do you hope to develop or expand upon?

Throughout my career, one of my strengths has been the ability to build strong relationships and networks. I’ve developed these relationships within the Niagara Region and hope to expand the network to other sectors within our community. Having strong community-based relationships and networks will be instrumental to my career as I continue to move forward.

What Is ACL+?

Accelerate Civic Leadership+ is our answer to adapting our flagship Accelerate Civic Leadership (ACL) program for virtual learning. 

Designed as a tool to expand the number of individuals who accept leadership roles in business, government, and social organizations to meet future challenges in the region, ACL+ strengthens the bonds within the region. It serves as a retention and engagement tool for our Niagara businesses and non-profits.

April 18th, 2022