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Beth Bracken, Associate Dean, School of Academic Studies, Niagara College

Our Leader Spotlight – Beth Bracken

Associate Dean, School of Academic Studies, Niagara College

This series is dedicated to introducing and celebrating the participants of the ACL+ 2021 program. Each week, we will focus on one of our leaders; sharing a little bit about them and what motivates them to explore community leadership in Niagara.

I started my career at Niagara College over 20 years ago as a Math professor.  I began teaching at the DJP campus and moved to the Welland campus 10 years ago.  This move allowed me the opportunity to become the first female Math coordinator at Niagara College. 

My interest in lifelong learning and continuing education has fueled my passion for teaching and student success. I moved to the Associate Dean role approximately 3 years ago. My current role has allowed me to help students in a different way than in the classroom by promoting their success and mentoring faculty.

My spare time is spent playing hockey, cycling, and playing board games with my kids.

Why are you personally motivated to explore civic leadership?

I have been involved in not for profit organizations in the past and would love to involve myself again.  I have been looking for a way to re-introduce myself.

My daughters can attest to the fact that I frequently tell them “when I retire, I will spend my time being active in the community and volunteering”.  I involved myself in volunteering prior to having children and when they were very young.  As they grew, time became strained and I became focused on raising my children and my profession at Niagara College.

A recent personal event in our family has brought to light the programs and opportunities of support that are provided to cancer survivors and caregivers.  I can say that without these supports, it would be a more difficult road to recovery, and I would like to explore how to these organizations work, survive, and provide the support and programs that they do.

What, in your view, is the most significant issue/opportunity facing our community?

  • Poverty
  • Survival of not for profit support systems.

What individual attributes do you hope to develop or expand upon?

  • Would love to understand the not-for-profit structure, the limitations and needs for organizations to maintain and survive. 
  • Empathy
February 9th, 2021