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Karrie Haynes, Meridian Credit Union

Our Leader Spotlight – Karrie Haynes

Assistant Branch Manager, Meridian Credit Union

This series is dedicated to introducing and celebrating the participants of the ACL+ 2021 program. Each week, we will focus on one of our leaders, sharing a little bit about them and what motivates them to explore community leadership in Niagara.

Why are you personally motivated to explore civic leadership?

There is no greater reward than witnessing the success of others. Supporting  peers, challenging them, and promoting personal and professional development are ways we ensure the growth and success of our communities, and those who reside within them.

As I explore additional leadership opportunities within my role at Meridian Credit Union and in my community, the excitement of collaborating with dynamic, intelligent individuals, who bring with them their own brand of creativity to combat real issues has driven me to raise my hand and to ask more questions. Accelerate Civic Leadership Niagara is an opportunity for likeĀ­ minded people to come together to create the change, growth and advancement necessary to enrich and support our community, and it is my greatest personal and professional desire is to be a part of that change.

What, in your view, is the most significant issue/opportunity facing our community? Why?

No matter our age, we question the generation that has come before us and those who follow.

Putting aside our uncertainties about rising generations and seeing the value of the technological and social growth they bring, will only strengthen bonds and facilitate partnerships keen on absorbing the knowledge and expertise of those who have a lifetime of experiences to share. Engaging seasoned and technological minds together will help us to find solutions to the issues we face as a community, regardless of decade, regardless of age.

A focus on collaboration, over generational labelling and judgement, will allow us to tackle issues relating to the environment, socioeconomics, diversity of all varieties, and so much more.

We can be so much stronger united, than we are divided.

What individual attributes do you hope to develop or expand upon?

As I develop in my current role within Meridian Credit Union, as well as within my community in various volunteer positions, it is clear that the attributes of leadership, including the ability to inspire others, productive communication, effective listening and an unwavering commitment to kindness are among the most important qualities I strive to represent.

Through the ACL program, I hope to expand my network and learn as much as I can from my peers and other aspiring community leaders. In times of uncertainty, we look to our leaders for strength, encouragement, resilience, and trust. We look to the pillars in our community for perseverance in the face of adversity. These are the attributes I’d like to develop, and this is the type of leader I aspire to be.

March 8th, 2021