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Program Details

Inspiring leaders. Building community.

Our signature program will run from October 2023 until June of 2024. During that time participants will meet fourteen times both in person and virtually. In a variety of different formats, participants will engage with, hear from and work along side current community leaders from across Niagara. They will hear from expert researchers, consultants and thought leaders. They will learn about the current issues facing Niagara and how various groups are working collaboratively to support those in need.

Participants will select and then participate in supporting a community-based group in tackling a present challenge to their organization. Through this experiential learning project, participants will have the opportunity to enhance the development of their community acumen and transfer their skills to new settings.

Participants come from varied backgrounds and levels of formal and informal leadership within their organizations. They share a desire to learn, a commitment to community organizations and a desire to work collaboratively to improve communities throughout Niagara.

Acceptance into the Program is contingent on a commitment to the following requirements:

  • Attendance at the full-day Opening Retreat
  • Attendance of all thirteen Learning Days* (bi-monthly on Fridays)
  • Commitment to project work, approximately five hours per month, but will vary and be determined by individuals and project teams.
  • Graduation event (June)

Opening Retreat

The retreat is designed to give an in-depth introduction to the concepts of professional and community leadership and to introduce participants to the issues and concerns of the Niagara region. You will also have the opportunity to meet other participants and begin to form a cohesive network.

Learning Days

The group meets bi-monthly for Learning Days twice each month, with Learning Days’ ‘a’ being held in person and ‘b’ held virtually. Each Learning Day, participants will explore key concepts and patterns which impact community capacity building and personal leadership growth. Sessions are facilitated by volunteer leaders and professional facilitators recognized as experts in their respective fields.<//span>


Full Days run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Half Days run from 9:00 a.m to 1:00 p.m.
Note: (IP) In Person (V)Virtual
The program alternates between in person and virtual sessions.

Day 1
October 13, Full Day (IP)
October 27, Half Day (V)

Day 2
November 17th, Half Day(IP)
December 1st, Half Day (V)

Day 3
January 19th, Half Day (IP)
February 2nd, Half Day (V)

Day 4
February 23rd, Half Day (IP)
March 22nd, Half Day (V)

Day 5
April 5th Half Day (IP)
April 19th Half Day (V)

Day 6
May 3rd Full Day (IP)

Day 7 A
May 24th Half Day (IP)

Day 7 B
June 7th, Full Day (IP) includes Graduation

Community Projects

Team projects are selected from initiatives identified as necessary by local service agencies and organizations. They provide opportunities to utilize individual leadership skills, creativity, group dynamics and philanthropy to create visible and tangible outcomes.

Closing and Graduation | June 2024

The final day allows you to synthesize the knowledge, skills, attitudes, activities, and experiences you have been exposed to over the program. As a result, you will graduate ready and empowered to assume an active role in your community, business, and personal life as a Leadership Niagara Alumni.


The cost per participant is $2,995 plus HST.